It’s time to pack up and leave again, you get used to it after a while - heading into the unknown for the next adventure.
— The Travelling Soldier, 2005

In the beginning

When a gap year after high school turned into a gap decade, it was

safe to say that adventure was on the cards. Travelling the globe by

any means possible - overland through Africa on the back of a 

converted Leyland flatbed truck; across the United States in U-Haul

removalist; through Europe in 79 Daimler Benz motor home and of

course with the mighty Land Rover Defender.


One thing I knew was the best way to see new things, meet new

people and really experience an area was to road-trip...  



Nothing but the best

These days there is a glut of cheap products for camping and off road 

flooding the market. We aren't about cheap imitations or ripping off

another design (like so many people do these days unfortunately).