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Past builds

This is a small sample of our past projects - big and small - all designed to bring the owners' vision to life and get them out on the road less traveled.

You might want to explore the country, or perhaps you're getting ready to load a shipping container and head for Europe via Russia - what ever it is we can help.

Here's some inspiration!




Forrest Green

This beast has it all - and since it's completion it's seen a heck of a lot as well. Forrest Green was built to do the big loop around Australia; but never be sold. Designed with our five key aspects for comfortable overlanding; Power, water, sleeping, shelter and food - (not to mention the driving ability and personal safety), it's equipped with satellite uplink, two individual emergency locator beacons and a medical kit with enough gear to take on a zombie apocalypse! 

Feldon Shelter

Like the tents created by Feldon Shelter in New Zealand; we wanted to create something of the best quality, efficient functionality and good looks. Starting on the base of a 300tdi Defender we stripped it back and started with a respray; added some Wolff rims and new BF Goodrich KM3 Mud Terrain tyres - then of course the latest high quality tents from Feldon Shelter; the Crows Nest and Crows Nest Extended. The inside features upgraded seats from Exmoor Trim and our own custom dash and storage solution.