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It’s time to pack up and leave again, you get used to it after a while - heading into the unknown for the next adventure

The beginning

When a gap year turned into a gap decade, it was safe to say adventure was on the cards. We traveled the globe overland -  through Africa on the back of a converted Leyland flatbed truck; across the United States in a U-Haul removals truck; and Europe in a 79 Daimler Benz motor home and a Land Rover Defender named Benjy.

These road trips taught us what we need to live on the road (or wish we had), which led us to custom building our overland vehicles to meet our road trip needs.

Having built 30 custom designed vehicles over 5 years, we know how to build adventure. At Adventure merchants, we custom design quality fit outs for your vehicle, based on your needs - big or small.


Why we're who we are

In an age of screen-scrolling wonderlust, it's easy to be seduced by poor quality goods in the outdoors market. We are firm believers in 'buy once buy right'.

Equipment built for the job and built to last saves from a failed adventure, so attention to detail and quality are hard-wired into our design, build and product choices. 

We know the simple things make the adventure; a good night's sleep, espresso coffee or kicking back with nice cheese and a cold glass of sav-blanc, so we design every vehicle with the key aspects for comfortable overlanding; Power, water, sleeping, shelter and food. 

At Adventure Merchants, we build adventure!