Premium Roof Top Tents Arrive! 

Feldon Shelter, New Zealand’s premium rooftop company are making the jump across the ditch & Aussies will now be able to enjoy New Zealand’s most popular rooftop tent, the Crow’s Nest.

Let’s face it, camping in New Zealand can be rough (and that’s a good thing when it comes to creating tents). With four seasons a common daily occurrence & a skinny land mass, our neighbours across the ditch see some of the most diverse weather conditions in the world. Perfect for developing roof top tents that can do it all.

With sun, wind, snow & plenty of rain, Feldon Shelter has spent years in their Auckland based workshop developing rooftop solutions that can not only handle the elements, but through innovative design & quality construction, create an effortless & enjoyable adventure. No matter what get’s thrown at you along the way.

So, we have teamed up with Feldon Shelter and now offer there premium rooftop living solutions Australia wide, right here.

Brendan Ross